Monday, May 11, 2009

Okay, I'll be the hungry lioness and you can be the baby gazelle!

Writing is still mad at me, ran off to Cancun with My Patience, and left me here alone with Crankiness. So I thought I'd just share a picture to let you all know that I'm alive...and have pretty hair.

Been doing a wild 'n curly thing with it, hoping it will make me look hot and not tamable--like a lion, even though girl lions look bald and it makes no sense for me to want hair like that. It also makes me less of a slave to my hairdryer, and therefor, my electric bill.

Today's subject line quote is Maggie O'Donnell, 17 Again (2009).


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  2. xD lookin good, cassabrat! don't worry, your writing skill will sieze on something awesome soon enough. Even your nonblogables are blog worthy if you save enough of them up. I like hearing about your day to day life...and when you posted that entry on your dad's birthday and you said something about him running over prospective suitors with the Jimmy, I was suddenly in the Jimmy again! Sometimes I miss the good old days.

    You also need to email me cause we needs to exchange phone numbers again lol

  3. I like the hair - it's gotten so long since the last time I seed you in Feb. We need to do another visit I think :) When does Dom leave for like 30000 months?

  4. As early as Thursday! We'll know later today, but he may have to leave early and go to Japan for two weeks and then leave there to go on his boat for the five week trip.

    If he doesn't have to go to the Orient this week, then he'll leave on Memorial Day and be gone for the month of June.

    I'm considering coming up to Tupes for the reenactment weekend your mom was talking about though! Not for the reenactment, but just to see everybody. Gotta figure out the pet situation, but I can probably manage to come up.

  5. Bring the pets - I know it's a lot for you to have in the car, but we've got room for them :)



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