Thursday, June 16, 2011

You're messing with my Zen thing, man!

     I just spent the last half hour literally laughing my ass off.  I took my first Pilates class at the MegaGym and it was challenging.  Maybe not so much from the workout, but from trying not to fart while silently giggling in the corner.  That and not stretching.  I assumed that we would do a little pre-stetching ritual, maybe work into the difficult moves.  But it was apparently my job to do that before we started ripping the muscles from their rightful places and throwing them across the room for 30 reps.

     That wasn't the funny part.  The hilarity of the situation was that I was in a room full of old ladies, one of whom was Hispanic and decided to let out an "Aye!" or Spanish inflected "Oh!" every time she flexed.  Have you ever tried breathing correctly with one leg behind you and the other in front of your face, above your head AND silently convulsing so nobody realizes just how humorous you think an old woman's pain is?  It's not easy.  But the good news, is that I definitely engaged my core!  It's involuntary to tense up the entire abdomen when suppressing laughter.

      Now I'm having some quiet time in the lobby with my netbook.  I still have 45 minutes before they make me haul the munchkins home or make me pay them extra to keep them alive.  I probably look ridiculous sitting here, but I love it.  I can sit here and type til my heart's content and nobody will yell, "Mommy!  Be the bad guy!  Now run from the dragon before it eats you!"  At least I hope not...but that would be an altogether different experience, wouldn't it? 

     And after cleaning up the spilled contents of a hamster cage, getting baby diarrhea sprayed onto me, and listening to 2 exceptionally needy children for all those hours yesterday--I might take my chances with any weirdos I might encounter here in the lobby.  I might leave with them.

Today's subject line quote is from TRON:  Legacy  (2010).


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