Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, you sound like a little bitch.

Me and writing haven't been getting along very well lately. I've always got some great thoughts dancing around in my head, but every time I sit down to type I'm just like, "Fuck you, Writing! What's you're problem? I don't need your shit." Then I throw a drink in his face.

Which is why it's a good thing I haven't been trying to blog at the Starbucks or somewhere public. People get scared when you yell at imaginary things and demand their coffees to go. Not a good way to make friends with the native Slidouchebags.

And see? That's all I've got for you today because Writing is being a bitch. And not in a good way, like Writing is MY bitch. No, just a typical drunk chick off the Rock of Love bus kinda bitch. Yeah Writing, I just gave you Herpes! How do you like that? Oh, well I didn't give you Herpes from me, I just...whatever. I'll just go clean something.

Today's subject line quote is Naomi Clark, "90210" (2008) {We're Not in Kansas Anymore (#1.1)}.


  1. I love you. By the way, the majority of New Moon isn't that great, as I'm sure you've discovered by now. The ending is le awesome [sorry, still on the french accent kick from a few blogs ago], and the third book is good. The last book is a bit you might not like it.

    Anywho...big hugs to you as I sit at home pondering whether to fluff the clothes in the dryer, or just say fuck it and actually get out the iron. *le sigh*

  2. Cheer up!
    Here's some old fashioned inspiration for ya, A rant about neighbors.
    Although it isn't real, it should at least make somebody chuckle. :-P

  3. oh yeah you might want the actual link.

  4. Jenn--

    I read those books uber fast. I started Twilight on a Sunday and finished Breaking Dawn the following Friday. And I took my sweet time with the last one because I knew I didn't have any more to read! They all had their moments, but over all I enjoyed the series.

  5. Eddie--

    Thanks, I'll go check it out! By the way, how long is Meredith gone?



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