Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't say "uh oh". Vampires are not supposed to say "uh oh".

So a barista, a vampire, and my husband walk into a bar...wait, no I've screwed it up. But the punchline is the hottest joke ever?

This post needs some back story. Let's hip-smack, rewind it back, shall we? I could cleverly tell you the details of my conversations via facebook yesterday where this whole ordeal started, or I could just be clever and cut/paste them. So I give you status update and subsequent conversations, exhibit A:

Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio is re-reading the sookie books...but only the parts with Eric in them. Pathetic.

Jackie Marenick
Jackie Marenick
Hahahaha! So you're an Eric lover?
Yesterday at 2:07pm · Delete
Jules Munger Bochenek
Jules Munger Bochenek
Eric and Cassidy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Yesterday at 2:26pm · Delete
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
I am! Bill can suck it...well not literally, he'd rather enjoy that being a bloodsucker and all...but seriously, Eric's the way to go.
And you guys are going to get me in trouble. :( But all's fair; Dom's gone until 9 tonight so I'm allowed a book romance right?
Yesterday at 2:34pm · Delete
Jackie Marenick
Jackie Marenick
Oh yes, I believe book romances are acceptable! (At least in my opinion :-P )
Yesterday at 2:38pm · Delete
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
I think that makes it law then. I'm safe!
Yesterday at 4:12pm · Delete
Dominic DiMaggio
Dominic DiMaggio
Ahem....I'm here can stop fantasizing about Eric...the FICTIONAL vampire!

And before you lump me into the pile of every other person with a vagina in the corner humping pictures of this guy,
Still of Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård in True Blood

let me explain that he is still this guy,

Alexander Skarsgård as "Geert" in "Kill Your Darlings"

And I'm more or less hot for the blond, asshole viking for the sake of "Book Sookie"

and not this bitch

because Vampire Bill is a southern dick

and this guy is a terrible actor.

Now that's been cleared, I give you status update and subsequent conversations, exhibit B:

Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio doesn't feel good.

Christine Thurmond Serigne
Christine Thurmond Serigne
I'm sorry! :( Everyone in Slidell is getting sick. It's nuts! I hope you feel better!
Yesterday at 8:22am · Delete
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Jules and I were wondering if the Barista at Starbuck's was spitting in our coffee or something...
Yesterday at 8:25am · Delete

[edit of banter not relevant]

Crystal Belozerows Rico
Crystal Belozerows Rico
Damn yall started stuff with the starbucks guy now! By the time you guys leave Louisiana, yall will be banned from everywhere! LOL! Hope you feel better Cassidy!
Yesterday at 10:44am · Delete
Christine Thurmond Serigne
Yesterday at 11:07am · Delete
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Actually, the guy that rang me up at the register was kind of flirty. :)
Yesterday at 11:50am · Delete
Crystal Belozerows Rico
Crystal Belozerows Rico
Oh! a Barista boyfriend, just what you need! Free coffee! LOL
Yesterday at 12:08pm · Delete
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio
OMG, I didn't even think of the "perks." Like my pun? I should go back and hit on coffees for all my friends!!
Yesterday at 12:10pm · Delete
Crystal Belozerows Rico
Crystal Belozerows Rico
I know huh! Wouldn't that b nice!?!
Yesterday at 12:18pm · Delete
Dominic DiMaggio
Dominic DiMaggio
sigh...Eric the Vampire, Skippy the Barrister.....should I go crawl into a hole now?
6 hours ago · Delete

Now my sweet and lovely husband made me coffee before leaving for work. Aaaand exhibit C:

Pretend that he wrote "barista" instead of "barrister."

Now if you're thoroughly confused, just google "Trueblood" and watch some YouTube videos for the next few hours.

Today's subject line quote is (surprise!) Sookie Stackhouse, "True Blood" (2008) {Escape from the Dragon House (#1.4)}.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.

Dom and I have done a series of dates lately of which a babysitter was used. No big deal, but it does get tiresome to constantly explain where your child is.

Say, at the wedding we went to about 2 weeks ago? We knew a lot of people in attendance, and every moment we saw someone for the first time that night they'd ask "Where's Michael?" or "Aren't you missing something?"

Well, dumbass, since common sense seems to pass you by...I've actually come up with a Top 10 list of favorite answers I like to give people at such an occasion.

10. In the car. I cracked the window.
9. We sold him to the circus as a knife thrower.
8. He's in the bathtub, playing "easy-bake oven."
7. I knew I forgot something!
6. At work, where else?
5. Who's Michael? [walk off]
4. He's been adopted by a couple in China.
3. Prison. We don't like to speak of him any more.
2. Hm. Where did I leave him last?
1. [at Dom] I thought he was with you! [run off panicked]

All you parents out there are welcome to use any of them. I like sharing in my awkwardness.

Today's subject line quote is (from one of the best movies of my childhood) Albert Collins, "Adventures in Babysitting" (1987).

Ahhh! BINGO! What fun! But, I digress. Where were we?

My Labor Day weekend was, for the most part, uneventful and that's the way I like it. My father-in-law came to visit for slightly over 24 hours (Sat-Sun), Dom and I saw a movie, and just had a game night with a couple we know from Dom's office. The End. Oh, and Dom got me these in pink:

They're mop-slippers. I can clean with ease AND style!

Today's subject line quote is Col. Hans Landa, "Inglourious Basterds" (2009). (Great movie btw, it's what we went to see on Saturday. Entertaining from the start.)


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