Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm homesick for Oreos and Yoda.

We live here now--in Slidouche. It's slightly more official because I can go to the grocery store and run into natives that know my name. That means we're settled, no going back!

I don't remember that feeling abruptly punching me in the gut when we had moved to South Carolina. It, more or less, snuck up behind me to knock me out with the barrel of a shotgun. And suddenly, I liked it there in that redneck melting pot.

Sure, the fear of being rear-ended for stopping at a red light was hampering. And occasionally I missed customer service representatives talking to me instead of grunting. But I had those great, once-in-a-lifetime friends that mesh into your family. And Jenn was only a few hours away to visit on holidays!

It was also pretty. Downtown wasn't any farther away than New Orleans is from my house now, but I had a reason to visit downtown Charleston daily! It was smaller, and quainter, and I got to know it rather well.

Now I've got slidouchebags trying to shove the Fleur de Lis so far down my throat that I vomit LSU purple and yellow! I suppose I should quit resisting and just accept it. I'm sure in a few years I'll be whining about leaving Lousiana from our next station.

Today's subject line quote is Dorothy, "Roundhouse" (1992).

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  1. YOu might as well be positive about your new locations. Being married to a Navy dude means even if you hate it, you'll be moving away from it within a few years :) (and I'm still trying to embrace my current location after about 2.5 years and not always having much luck - LOL).



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