Saturday, May 16, 2009

The best way to take our minds off the smell of burning flesh is to begin tonight's karaoke contest.

When I did that whole bit about writing every day, I wasn't sure if I meant weekends too. I guess so since I'm typing this out on a Saturday. It is Saturday, right?

If it is, then that means I get to go to the wine bar again with the moms from Meetup! I'm psyched up for chugging back a glass of champagne, or seven. I've even been practicing karaoke just in case someone drunkenly announces that we just have to do it.

Unfortunately, there isn't much that practice can do for me. I suck. Hard. I'm in the caliber of suck as one of those Oreck vacuum cleaners that can pick up bowling balls. It sounds like cats in a microwave or something. But if I had to because my singing to a midi file would save the word from an alien are my star songs:

"Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice
"It's Oh So Quiet" Bjork
"Silent All These Years" Tori Amos
"Adia" Sarah McLachlan

Maybe one day I'll bless you with a video. But I doubt it.

Today's subject line quote is Emcee, "Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man" (1994).

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