Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it crazy, or just weird? Weird I can deal with, but crazy...

I feel like I should apologize for my last entry.  Obviously, I shouldn't have watched My Sister's Keeper so soon after having a sick child.  I must have set the blog load on heavy wash because it was soaking in the melodrama.  Honestly?  I think I've been secretly craving a bit of crazy. Without all the absurd chaos that somehow shapes itself into my life, the blog is boring.  And by boring, I mean that the new post tab sits open, holding two poorly edited sentences for three months. 

How can I have gone so long without at least a smidge of weird making it's way in somewhere?  Weird usually finds me.  Like how some people always step in gum?  I used to step in weird every day.  Perhaps I've just been so preoccupied with keeping my children alive that I just haven't been seeing the usual blog-worthy tidbits.  Cee-Lo Green could walk up next to me in his Elton John-turkey-guise from the Grammy's, and I wouldn't notice because I'm busy wiping baby spit off my shirt and telling my preschooler that the Winn-Dixie is not the place to yell "penis" and proceed to whip it out.

So I guess there's always that.  But seriously, I'm ready for the WTF level to raise back to chronic so I can remain dazzling you guys with my like, words.  And stuff.

Today's subject line quote is from Bones--The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2009).


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