Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm gonna eat some worms.

Do you guys remember that book How to Eat Fried Worms? It was all about a kid who made a bet with a bully that he could and would eat a worm a day for like a year, or some extended period of time. This blog is my worm.

I've decided that Writing is bullying me too far. And just to spite Writing and parry his attempts to give me Indian rug burns or rub metaphorical dirt in my face, I'm going to write SOMETHING here every day.

It may not be mind-blowing. Probably won't even be coherent! But I will defeat that tyrant...

even if I have to eat my own words?

Today's subject line quote is Brian Robeson, A Cry in the Wild (1990).


  1. Fight the beast!
    I know how it goes, I try to write something down every day(for the book) although with meredith out on the ship, I don't hold myself to that, although I probably will when she's gone for the longer one.
    Keep at it!

  2. Thanks Eddie! You keep at it too. And I found a nice website for the prospective novel author. It's helping me a bit as well. He's an editor and does "public floggings" of the first 16 lines of submitted works and gives editorial remarks to know what people should work on. Basically he tells you how to get your first chapter actually READ by an editor because the first page is the most important. I don't always agree with him 100%, but it's good to get another perspective.

  3. awesome, Ill check that out. It sounds familiar, I think I may have been there before, hehe.

  4. good god it's been nearly a month since ya posted last....that means it's been way longer for me, lol.

    hmmmm, I may have to bust out a blog soon....



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