Monday, March 9, 2009

The internet. 95% of it is rubbish.

I have my very own website!

My father-in-law is some sort of domain name guru. He must own half the internet because he throws websites to people like Mardi Gras beads at a parade. He had set us up with of which I post all of our family pictures but now I have a page of my own namesake.

Unfortunately, I haven't got a clue what to put on it. Currently it still has the white background and default "Welcome to the world of Cassidy Leanne Pond-DiMaggio" that Dom's dad put on before sending me the link. I've put some pictures up of my artwork in the gallery, but nothing on the front page. See what I mean? Here is the gallery I was talking about.

Any ideas on how to format or what to even showcase? I want it to look like a real website, professional. I don't want it to look like a 5th grader put it together for a class project.

Today's subject line quote is Richard Hammond "Brainiac: Science Abuse" (2003) {(#1.6)}.


  1. Turns out, he develops websites, too!

    My favorite tactic for personal space development is to find a webiste you like and copy it. Change just enough to make it look like you didn't rip someone off.

  2. Any recommendations to *not* rip off? :)



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