Friday, March 6, 2009

Push me. And then just touch me, till I can get my satisfaction.

I skipped yoga yesterday to let Michael play in the backyard longer. He was having a wonderful time running laps with the dogs and anatomizing the giant pile of that used to be an anthill. After cranky baby syndrome outbreaks going around, I didn't want to risk exposing him to another bout.

He played outside most of the day. And since can see the back yard clearly from the kitchen and living room, I was able to get dishes done and work on a painting! When it's finished, I'll put it up on my website for you to stare at in awe. Then it will go to the highest bidder because you can put a price on the things you love.

I still went to Megagym and ran my butt, literally, off. It fell right onto the floor by the elliptical machines. Very embarrassing, yet satisfying that all that badonkadonk is off my backside. You know what sucks about Megagym? The extremely nice locker room that makes the finest room in my house look like a prison filled with people. I. hate.

Exhibit A: Naked Grandma

She has now gotten other grannies to join her ranks as she attacks the dressing areas with her exposed cooter. There are at least 2 other elderly women that now drop trou simultaneously to hike up the legs and apply lotion in a dasterdly strike of terrorism.

Exhibit B:) Hostile Harriet

This woman spends her day making laps in the locker room to bitch about any single thing she can about the news. And not just legitimate news! If Access Hollywood is on, you'd better prepare yourself for a threatening lecture about Octumom or Rhianna. The first time I encountered Hostile Harriet she made me feel personally responsible for the death of Kaylee Anthony. And yesterday? She bitched about her healthcare premium going "up $20 because people who are sick all the time make too many claims" and Obama came up with decent compromise. Really, lady? You can't sacrifice $20 to help someone in need? Our country was founded on democracy, that means majority rule. If you can't understand that the greater good of the country reflects your premium going up a negligible amount, not my problem.

I just put my headphones in while she was still talking. Which is why, I need my own iPod.

Dom and I share one. And he takes it to work with him most days because the gym at his work isn't as spectacular as mine that provides personal t.v.'s and such. And since I know dropping hints like "I've really enjoyed having the iPod these last couple of weeks" won't work, here goes...

I want this for my birthday...or St. Patrick's Day...or whatever excuse you want to use to get it to me...

Today's subject line quote is "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi, the song from the stupid Wendy's commercial with the hamburgers that go up and down like a synthesizer and totally creeps me out.


  1. I wish I could run until my butt fell off. I could throw it over the fence to the dogs who bark like mad at me when I run by their house huffing and puffing. I'm sure it would entertain them.

    I have a Shuffle that I use at the gym and out running/walking. I like it because it plays the songs at random and it's small. I don't like it because I can't just look down to see what song is playing and skip over it quickly if I don't like it. I mean, I can skip over songs once I hear them, but if you could read the name and choose a song, it might be more fun. I dunno. Shuffles are cheaper right now, so that's a plus too.

    I'm so glad I don't see too many naked grannies at the gym - but then I go either too early in the morning or late in the evening for the typical granny pack. I have seen too many of them in various states of undress talking about how cute their bodies were and whatnot. I know we'll be old one day, but I hope I don't randomly walk around naked in public.

  2. We'll see about the ipod touch...those are redonculous expensive. maybe a walkman, or even a cd player will suffice.

  3. After months of almost non stop usage i have to say: Those Ipod touches are friggin awesome times 9000.

  4. I have a regular ipod. I spent five bucks putting tetris on it and it is perfect now. well i'm sure i spent a whole bunch of caching on the actual songs, but i like my's purty. i love cleaning house and singing random songs at the top of my's incredibly liberating.

  5. They have them priced just right on the apple store that if you're going to buy an iPod...why not spend $30 bucks more for the touch? And if you buy the touch, why not spend another $30 to get the 16 GB instead of the 8? It's vicious.

    I want the Touch because I get get the interwebs on it.

  6. If you're going for the iPod Touch...go larger. They aren't expandable, and who wants to have to swap out the whole frakking thing when you run out of space?



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