Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I concur. It is unremarkable.

This week has been filled with nonbloggables. Lots of unremarkable things that I must remark on to magically manifest into a decent post.

No. I refuse. Not the post part, you're getting it. But it's not going to be decent...or coherent. Ready?

I'm making a purse out of scrap materials because another henna artist in Ohio does it and it looked like fun. I also look to her website for inspiration with my designs and that's where I buy my dye from. She should be flattered by how much I stalk her via the web, really. But what makes my purse able to kick her purses' asses, is that I am embroidering mine. It's not by hand, but it's certainly not being done with a computer program either. I'm using my sewing machine, but I'm guiding it by hand. And yup, you guessed it...I'm doing a henna design that I probably ripped off from someone over the past 5 years.

I saw Hostile Harriet in the gym locker room again. She just smiled at me and left to go soak in the hot tub. Score!

Liz left me the most awesome voice mail message ever. Too bad you can't hear it. I'm certainly not going to type it out because it looses it's magic without the fluctuation in tone.

Last night, Dom and I planned to go to dinner together and then he would take Michael to the park and let me shop. But by the time we split, I only had an hour and a half to get to the mall, shop, and come pick them up. I sped shopped through Sears and Forever 21 and came out with 4 shirts that look the same.

Any nonbloggables you want to share?

Today's subject line quote is Seven of Nine, "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995) {Bliss (#5.14)}.

P.S. Anybody else super excited about the new Star Trek movie coming out in May?


  1. They had the new trailer up for Star Trek on this week's Heroes. It looks amazing.

  2. Aaron watched the kids so I could get them new clothes last saturday. 7 hours (45 minute drive to the outlet mall each way) and $600 (!!!!) later, the kids are all set. Shopping just takes time, even when you aren't trying on clothes!



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