Monday, January 26, 2009

I was wearing Bermuda shorts and that saddle was slick with toddler sweat!

What is it with kids wanting to get up before the sun does? I've been awake for 20 minutes now and I'm still waiting on that big, flaming ball to show up. Unfortunately, it's about 6:30 so I can't send the tot back to bed.

I'm really starting to appreciate everything that Dom does in the mornings. So far I've let the cat back in from his all night escapade, fed him and two dogs, calmed down the screaming baby, and fed the baby. That was all before I got a chance to pee, too!

Last night was the latest I've managed to stay up this whole week. Mad kudos for me making it to 10 p.m. everybody! I'm plum tuckered out. But at least the munchkin man went to bed at 8:00 last night and not 7-7:30 like he's been crashing lately. He's trying to get used to Dom being gone too. He's really been testing me to see what he can get away with, with only one parent around.

So far I've had him steal my wallet out of my purse and hide it in the kitchen drawer (later I also found my shampoo and deodorant in said drawer), learn to climb on the sofa (where I had to do a dive to catch him and keep him from cracking his head open and spilling brains everywhere), and had him climb on top of the dining room table...twice. Thanks to my mom's brilliant advice, I set up the pack n' play as a time out spot. That way I can actually ignore him during that time and he's less likely to do all that bad stuff. It also gives me 3 minutes to check my email or go to the bathroom without a toddler crying for me to come where he can reach me.

In addition to being Super Mom, I've also been pretty Suzy Homemaker in the boring parts of my day. I've kept the house pretty clean, done all the laundry, and even made homemade cookies. In fact, I was making those when Michael decided to start standing on top of the dining room table. I've even stopped using the dishwasher and started doing dishes by hand as they get dirty. It saves me time and is a little relaxing. Plus Michael likes to climb into the dishwasher when it's that doesn't work too well.

Sound like we've hit the terrible two's anyone? Parenthood is awesome though. He's also proven to be a big smarty pants lately and not just bratty. He has been bringing me books to read him, like hourly. One of which he can point out the animals when I ask where they are! And yesterday I gave him a piece of pizza that hadn't cooled off completely. Instead of putting it into his mouth he touched it, said "oh" and then blew on it.

Well, enough baby talk. I think he's done with his cereal I have to go get him before he tries to climb out of the high chair. I got him a booster seat for the table, but he sits pretty still in the mornings watching the Disney channel and eating his cheerios.

Your prize for enduring that long and incredibly boring email is some Swiss chocolates
and a Booze Belt.

Today's subject line quote is from Dr. Niles Crane, "Frasier" (1993) {You Can Go Home Again (#3.24)}.


  1. I really want that booze belt. And some of those chocolates. I love baby talk, but then again, I'm sort of biased seeing as I'm family and all :)

    You know by the time hubby returns, you'll have FINALLY gotten into a good and comfortable routine. Plus, when my hubby came home from his long detail, the dogs and cats seemed to forget who I was. Hey, I kept you ALIVE for five months alone guys - where's the love????

  2. So i had a comment on here, but it turned out to be too long and interesting, so im gonna make a blog out of it.

    Here's a short version:

    Enjoy the baby gates while you can!

  3. Too late! He actually learned how to climb those already. Our floor plan is also pretty open, so there aren't many places to stick them.



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