Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know, the sun is the real silent killer. And not just direct sun, also second-hand sun.

In my infinite boredom lately, I stumbled upon an article on yahoo between playing rounds of Chuzzle and Puzzle Inlay. It was one of those news stories in the top feed that they feature on the homepage. You know, the ones they cycle out a sciency one with a trashy celebrity story and then back to a political hotspot?

It was a sciency one. And in honor of my missing husband, I clicked on it to somehow telepathically impress him with my quest for cosmological knowledge. It's all about how scientists are preparing to explore the side of the sun that we haven't seen yet. You can read about it here: First View of the Dark Side of the Sun.

The more I read, the more I realized that they want to study the "dark side" of the sun to better predict solar flares. Yeah, they want to give the sun an colonoscopy to understand when it's going to fart.

That's all. I simply have a juvenile sense of humor and felt obligated to share it. For those of you more into slapstick comedy, I did spill coffee all over my floor 2 seconds after accidentally unplugging the laptop. I sort of juggled the coffee mug like a hot potato for a bit before it rolled off my arm, liquid streaming the whole time. At least my room smells like hazelnut now, right?

Now for your gift! How bout some bangin', light up sunglasses?

Today's subject line quotes is Jim Maxwell, "Action" (1996) {Twelfth Step to Hell}(#1.6)}.


  1. So I keep posting comments and apparently they dont go through the first time. Tis sad, it had coffee zombies in it and I am short on coffee at the moment so no retyping :-P

  2. You should just automatically highlight it and control C. That way, when my blog eats the first can just control v...Viola! No retyping!



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