Thursday, January 29, 2009

Human contact... crushing... Goth... indifference...

I have a goth baby. He may not be into the piercings and dark soul mumbo jumbo just yet, but he's definitely got the makeup covered.

Lately, my little button pusher has been sneaking into my bathroom and playing in the drawers. He steals various beauty supplies and hides them all over the house. Yesterday he pulled out a blush brush from his toy box and proceeded to give me a makeover. He's dab the brush on the sofa and them apply linty dog hair to my face. I kept asking, "Is Mommy pretty?" and he'd reply with a head shake until he was finished assaulting me with my own makeup brush. Then, he finally said "Yeah."

What makes him a goth baby, you ask? Oh, today he did his usual rooting around and nicking eyeliner from my top drawer and I didn't pay much attention. When I did eventually turn to look at what the munchkin was doing, he was covered in black lipstick. All over his precious, emo face and hands.

Since abut 6:30 this morning I've been following him with a wet rag trying to clean the angst off his fingers...and my walls. There are little black hand prints smudged over EVERYTHING. It's even on his teeth! Really the smudging over his face and blacked out teeth make him look more like a redneck kid than a goth baby. Regardless, I'm so proud?

You want your gift or what? Today I'm giving you all this
and this to go with it

Today's subject line quote is Samantha "Sam" Manson, "Danny Phantom" (2004) {Flirting with Disaster (#2.11)}.

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  1. That's so funny - Liz did that but with mom's BRIGHT RED lipstick (probably left over from Halloween since mom doesn't wear red). She "locked" herself in the bathroom - if the door was completely shut and you opened the drawer, you couldn't reopen the door without shutting the drawer. Liz managed to lock herself in and smear red lipstick everywhere on her face.

    I also love that Emoboy was sucking on the eyeliner when I called yesterday. He was just dampening it to make it easier to apply. DUH



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