Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's the rush? I got enough grease slapped on me to lubricate a diesel.

While Dom has been away, I have found a new love. A French lover, by the name of Batiste!

Let me back up a bit. My sisters chipped in to get me a gift card to Amazon.com for my birthday back in July. I promptly used that puppy on a cool as hell drawing table for the computer, but it left me with a whopping 5 dollars left over. Since then, I have been shopping around when I get bored looking for oddities that can only be found on a wonderland like Amazon.

Nothing was striking my five dollar fancy, when I read an article about hair care in one of my girly magazines. It was the usual la-di-dah about how one shouldn't wash their hair every day because it's damaging and so forth. Unfortunately for me, I have the world's worst hair for that. It needs washing at least every 12 hours. And I've tried about everything!

Washing hair at night? Nope, I guess I sweat a lot under the covers because I wake up with enough grease in my hair to fry potatoes. A lot of hollywood starlets like to use the baby powder trick too! Wanna know what that does? Gives my hair white speckles and goes right back to nasty in a couple of hours.

So the article suggested, for people with my problem, to try dry shampoo. I was blown away! I didn't know they made dry shampoo! Click, and proceed to checkout. It arrived yesterday and I looooooovvvvee it. It will be wonderful for those awful, no nap days when I can't take a shower. Or times when I have an appointment in the morning and don't want to wake up at 4 before the kiddo does to take a shower. Sweet!

So today's present is an amazon gift card worth $500 so you, too, can find your true love.

Today's subject line quote is from Coley, "Charlie's Angels" (1976) {Caged Angel #4.6)}.


  1. I'm disoriented by my bi-annual Day Off and am suffering the side-effects of Xtreme social deprevation, so this may sound a bit awkward and/or outright inappropriate but...I like to use watered-down aveeno (or WalMart BabyWash) baby wash/shampoo for daily hair washing. I find it gets the dread grease out of my hair, but doesn't dry it out like real shampoo. Of course, this doesn't come from my god-given beauty intuition (15 sets of the same exact outfit; 142 days in a row!) but from my undergraduate painting instructor who admonished me "if you're so uptight that you HAVE to wash your paintbrushes, use only the mildest baby shampoo you can find, and then only as often as your must to keep your pinched little sphincter from squeaking when you walk." This lil' gem didn't do my sable brushes any good - I still gave them the Dawn-with greasebusters! treatment, but I did try it on my hair about 10 years too late and it keeps my dweeb-calibre geasy hair clean while I labor on the fantasy-length hair portion of my perpetual self-renovation, hyphen-ation (and parenthetical exclaimation!) project. -Eowyn

  2. I will keep that in mind. You've always had shiny, pretty hair. Thanks for the advice. I miss you!! How have you been?



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