Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You sacrificing someone on a mountaintop there, Cat?

So it was brought to my attention that many of you readers follow my life via this blog. And with that said, if I don't happen to blog for a few days...I might be dead to you. I am, indeed, not floating facedown in Lake Pontchartrain. Dead inside? A little.

Nah, I'm alright. I'm just super hellaferociously busy raising a child and trying desperately not to kill 2 dogs and a cat. I mean that in several ways. First, trying not to punch the disobedience out of them. Secondly, no neglect them to their untimely demise.

Yesterday I accidentally locked Miles in the bedroom for an hour. Because he's more of a big pussy than my actual cat, he doesn't whine or scratch at the door. He just sits in front of it waiting for somebody to stumble back into the room he's trapped in. And that's exactly how he was released.

My cat, however, I completely forgot to let out of the garage yesterday until it was time for dinner. I lock him in there overnight when I feed him so he doesn't decide to play a nocturnal game of capture the flag with my underpants all night long. I'm supposed to let him out and feed him again in the morning. But I'm the world's worst caretaker, EVER, and did neither. Two days in a row. Now he's on top of my fridge knocking off bags of cereal and lunchboxes in a mad fit of revenge.

Thank Blog there's only 30 more hours until Dom returns with my sanity. Maybe he'll remember to feed all the critters AND what rooms they were last in. He's awesome like that.

That is all. I will return with stories of Rosie's visit and trip down to New Orleans at a later date. For your gift today, you can have my dog.

Today's subject line quote is Chris Pirillo, "Call for Help" (1998).

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  1. Huh, who knew Vega was so good at Playstation?

    I can't believe we forgot to squeeze in some Guitar Hero tournaments while we were there.

    Also, don't sweat it about the dogs and cat and stuff. Michael's still alive and you're still alive. When hubby was gone, I am sure I left the dogs in their crates waaaay too long on more than one occasion. And if hubby is reading this, I'm just joking - I never did that. I was super attendant and vigilant about letting the dogs have potty time - definitely never only took them out twice in one day!!



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