Friday, February 13, 2009

Ordinary. The kind of beautiful, dangerous ordinary that you just can't leave alone.

So it's Valentine's weekend and I thought I'd share a few things about being married. No no, they're good things. They're reasons why I love being married!

First off, I'm married to this guy.

What's not to love, right? He's fun-loving, quick witted, and looks great in a bowler hat. The goggles make him look like he's missing a chromosome though. But I'm letting it slide because knowing that I have someone who might just sport those puppies at any given moment is exciting. I have a partner that makes me laugh. Well, he makes everybody laugh. But I'm far superior to you schmucks. At least I am in his eyes.

Yet another perk of being married. I can talk about poop and pick my nose and not feel self conscious. And believe me, sometimes there are things you just have to talk about but know that none of your friends will want to hear how big of a crap you just took. But I know I can tell my hubby and he won't leave me for it. Why? Because divorces are expensive and we're too cheap for that. And as super as he may be, he wouldn't have anyone to discuss bowel habits with either.

Marriage is not all potty talk. There's nothing in the vows that says "Do you take this woman to have and to hold, and talk incessantly about otherwise inappropriate subject matter?" There are much more tender moments thrown in there, too. Like these...

Where I had Dominic every step of a very scary, and painful journey to motherhood. I was also excessively swollen from the C-section complications, but I had no idea until I saw the pictures a week later. That's because my husband never gave me a reason to feel any different about myself. He loved me just as much then as he does today, 75 lbs. lighter I might add.

Our first Christmas as a couple, I took a picture of us and framed it with a short list of things I loved about him printed over the top of it. It's still in our office, and all of those reasons are still valid. Plus several more have been added since then.

So today's present is for Dom. A long, but non conclusive, list of reasons why I love him.

I love you because....

of those cute dimples when you smile, of your eyes, you like anime, of how you always feel guilty about Michael making a mess at a restaurant, you're picky about your food because you have taste, of how passionate you are about so many things, my opinion matters to you, you cry when you're sick, you always tell me about the things you find fascinating, the way you always seem to think your lap is the most comfortable place to sit, how you always want to play with our son, the way you make a bad day disappear, you read my blog, to you nothing is impossible, you're not finicky about disciplining Michael, you're a wonderful teacher, you can be silly a lot but serious when you need to be, you make me giggle even in the worst situations, you chose to stay in the navy for your family over going to grad school and pursuing a career in physics, you always drive when I don't want to, you're nice to fast food workers, you have an understanding of quantum physics but sometimes you need me to spell things for you, you got excited when I started painting again, you let me sleep in sometimes, I can tell you anything, you're my best friend, and because every day with you is beautiful.

Today's subject line quote is Faye Valentine, "Cowboy Bebop" (1998).

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