Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tell me. What's your pain? What is it that makes the needle go in?

Wow. I actually don't feel like blogging today. Stop the presses, or the webmasters, or whatever is applicable here in the world of virtual media...

My point is that I nearly live solely for the express purposes of this blog. I judge my experiences on their bloggability and how difficult it will be to word them! So for me to feel like I'm being burdened to share my annoying account at Mega Gym today, makes me want to check my pulse.

Is it me? Of course it's me, it's certainly not the inanimate computer webpage's fault. But in what sense is it me? Am I getting bored with my life or is it the prospect of writing that's giving me a metaphorical wedgie. Just the fact that the last line I wrote was all I could come up with tells me that I need to pick the creativity out of my ass crack and not take up skydiving.

My senior year of high school I picked up a black and red journal decorated with Chinese symbols at a bookstore in the mall. I wrote in it compulsively. There were anecdotes and even whole poems written in drafts. They were really crappy poems, but there were tons of them in my head that I felt obligated to put down permanently before they fluttered out of my brain forever. Even the most minuscule of ideas was so, so important. Now the things in my head are just so, so.

Because my tiny, Mommy brain needs a break and is feeling quite broken, I won't be handing out presents today. If you'd like, feel free to share a gift with me! Go on. Leave it right there, in the comment box. That's it. Good.

Today's subject line quote is Ramon Salazar, "24" (2001) {Day 3: 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. (#3.6)}.


  1. llama llama llama llama llama ahhhhh make it stop!
    thanks for the addicting crack song. I played as soon as I woke up and checked my daily websites. Now my brain, of which can only handle so many processes in the morning, is on llama overdrive....llama

  2. Llama, Llama...Duck hehehe! I'd just like to point out that the duck strikes me as a decidedly liberal animal. Let me go back...I was talking to another vegetarian (a skinny one) the other day, and (you're not going to see this coming are you?) she said "you're not a liberal are you?" (sense accusation here) Turns out, they actually make conservative, republican vegetarians. Strange days. I'll just have to put her in the folder with the Gay Mexican Jews that I was so sure didn't exist either. I'm going to leave the my quote out here, as it reads really offensive now that I'm looking at it in print, but I assure you it was really funny in real life.

    OK, the prezzie...crap, I can't post it...hmmm

    Alright, I'm emailing it to Cass and anyone else who reads this, because she's got a bunch of you, are just plain out of luck. -Eowyn

  3. Dammit, I don't even have your e-mail. This isn't working out at all, but to finish the story, the conservative freakin' vegetarian got into an argument with me about whether she would be willing to eat liberal animals. In the end, we both agreed that if any animal is liberal, it's probably the duck, though Mallards and Khaki Campbells both have that smarmy conservative edge that makes me suspect they could be harboring some latent anti-big government quackery that we just don't know about yet. And that, my proletariat friends, is why I always vote llama. (...Llama) -Eowyn

  4. Oh dear lord! I nearly spit hot coffee all over my laptop reading that!!

    I definitely think ducks are liberals. Ever seen "Howard the Duck?" Personally, I've always favored unicorn politics. It's a shame that a dependable unicorn is so hard to find these days.

  5. Cassidy,

    I tried to give you penguins, but the blog wouldn't let me. It told me to type the letters in a picture that it refused to show me :( But they were cute penguins...



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