Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey it just occurred to me, Mickey Mouse is black.

I thought of like umpteen different topics to blog about last night, but all of them have escaped me this morning because I'm way too invested in whether or not this computer animated bug will survive the roller coaster ride that Gopher built on "My Friends Tigger and Pooh." Don't worry, he's fine. Little guy crawled back to his jar to take a nap.

Aside from super sleuthing in the Hundred Acre Wood, I'm finding myself rather engrossed in the toddler programming I have running during the day for Michael. "Sesame Street" is funny as shit. I get to see popular celebrities act a fool while talking to puppets. They always have guest celebs cameo to teach some valuable lesson, but I'm always too busy trying not to control my bladder from laughing to pay attention. See?

Don't even get me started on "Handy Manny." Okay, I started on my own. First off, it's a cartoon about a Hispanic handyman. Way to embrace a stereotype, Disney. But am I the only one that sees that Manny really wants to bang Kelly? She's the cute blonde that owns the hardware store, and he's ALWAYS over there. And I think it's for parts other than elevator relays. I just know he wants in that fanny pack...

By the way, this is Manny...And this is Bob the Builder...

Now, I've got to go see what the mystery mousekatool is for today so that Mickey Mouse can help Goofy rodeo the number 8. And yeah, I always want to say "Your mom is a mouskatool" when I hear it.

Want your present?

Today's subject line quote is Mike Stivic, "All in the Family" (1971).

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  1. Lol, ya the kids' TV shows today are hilarious, for us at least. Rienna always calls Manny as Mandy.



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