Friday, February 20, 2009

Good news, everyone. Tomorrow, you'll be making a delivery to Ebola 9, the virus planet.

The Google Fairy visited me again last night. Not in the dirty, molest you in your sleep way. Sickos. Nope, The Google Fairy (or Bot to be more precise) crawled this blog for the second time since I registered the web address with!

Basically, you can register any site with Google for free. Once you do, they send out their little robots to do "crawls" and scout out the page and download all of the little links and pages to revert back to the google index. That way, you have more information when you google my name. *wink*

And here's the best part...

Google "Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio, blog" check out entry 4 on the first page! Also, the first entry is Dom and I's website. But look at 4! It's my December 28th entry about Christmas. The tag underneath the link is talking about Pond Family doing Karaoke and the DiMaggio's are too sexy for their pants.

Okay, so now google "Oh my Blog, Cassidy." The bottom of page 2 yields my myspace page! It picked up the link to the blogging group I created on Unfortunately, there are no active members in it. But it did help me make the second page of Google!

Ready for the big finale? "Oh my Blog, Cassidy Pond-DiMaggio" reveals this blogger website as the first entry. Now, this isn't likely going to bring in new readers. However, if people that already know the website forget how to get here...Wham! Google it.

It's a small victory to me. I'm very excited. Stop rolling your eyes. Now take your gift. Stay cool with this google fridge...

Today's subject line quote is Professor Hubert Farnsworth, "Futurama" (1999) {A Big Peice of Garbage (#1.8)}.

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