Friday, January 16, 2009

You brought an elephant home to dinner?

I'm sure, if you're like me, that you are sick of everyone complaining about the weather the nanosecond it turns a bit chilly. Snuggle up inside with hot chocolate by the fire already! If you don't happen to have a fireplace, google a picture of a fire...and then burn it.

Unfortunately, my house isn't letting me be all warm and cozy inside. We have tile floors that suck the life and warmth right out of my sole, of my feet. The simple solution would be to wear socks. Bad news. I can't keep socks on for crap.

I go to bed with socks on and they rebel, crawl off my toes, and join the gigantic pile at the foot of the bed. Then when Michael gets me up in the morning, I forget to fish them out of the covers. Voila, chilly, chilly, piggies! This just really sets the mood for the day. Nobody wants to wake up early and immediately feel like they've been thrown onto an arctic tundra. Just saying.

Michael also has a cold, which is why I'm cutting this entry short. Terrible way to leave you guys for the weekend, sorry. It's also a long weekend so there may not be a post Monday. I'm just not bloggerific today. Give me a few days to warm up and get relaxed again--then you'll have wonderful things to read.

And because I'm feeling a rather Angelina Jolie caliber of motherly today, your gift is an African baby to adopt.

Today's subject line quote is from Alf of "ALF" (1986).

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