Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clyde, have you been hiding a book of poetry out in those bushes?

I just pinched the holy shizzam out of my inner thigh trying to climb over this mini fence we put up in the office.

I have an expandable baby gate spreading the length of the room to keep Michael from popping back behind the desk to eat a tasty electrical cord and erase valuable blog material with an accidental ctrl-alt-mystery press of a button. Unfortunately, this gargantuan blockage is probably half of my 5'4 stature. Forgive me for not being able to hike my toes up past my earlobes to climb over it all the time. Fabulous! Off to a great start today.

But today's blog isn't about bad happenings and painful morning debacles. It is a fat, jolly, Santa Clause of an entry! Why? Well, I've started painting again!

This is the first time I've held a brush and smeared paint all over a canvas (and a lot of times my face via that itchy spot that always seems to show up when I've got Cadmium Red on my fingers) since 2006. I've doodled and even designed some things on the computer with my drawing tablet (Peacock, anyone?) , but nothing quite as epic as breaking out the easel again.

That creative little something living inside me finally woke up. I'm doing good to take a half hour nap and this spark gets to lay in a coma for 3 years? I'm so enthralled with my urge to be artsy that I'm even considering starting up a business out of my house to sell my Henna Designs.

It's just a glimmer of hope for a productive life with more "fun money." There's a lot of work to be done like producing an image guide to choose from, promoting a website, determining pricing and childcare costs, etc. But if I'm in a mood to draw anyway, why not just start working on the image guide now? Once it's finished, I'll start thinking about advertising. I can even use Vista Print for cards, flyers, pens, and the like.

My point isn't to go back to work or even about making money; it's about me getting my artistry out there. It's no secret that I need and love a lot of attention. I thrive on dissecting my thoughts and putting them into a visual form--whether in paintings or with words.

This brings me to today's gift. Have a fish!

It's a painting I did, in my sketchbook, for a class. Maybe if you're nice to me, I'll also give you a poem.

Today's subject line quote is from Clara Mason of "The Munsters (1964) {Cyrano De Munster (#2.23)}.


  1. Awesome! I believe one should follow inspiration whenever possible. Even if it doesn't turn into a full fledged business, at the very least you are doing something you like to do.

  2. Thanks for the support! It's good to know that other people don't think it's ridiculous.



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