Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I saw two of my ex-girlfriends on Oprah. One had become a man. The other was dating him.

I'm not finding much motivation to go to the gym of later. Other than my thighs looking like two giant hams rubbing together--that's a good one. But the icky rain is making me not want to leave the house. Like, ever.

It's perfectly cozy here at home in my p.j.'s and slippers. I don't think I've worn real clothes since Sunday. Sunday? Did I even go outside Sunday? I went for a walk in the park, but it may have been Saturday. Wait, this is making me sound nasty. I change my clothes. I've even showered every day. But instead of putting on jeans and a sweater, I find myself gravitating back to the bottom drawer full of loose yoga pants and duck print pajamas.

With the week being one giant rainstorm, I just can't give up the opportunity to feel snuggly and warm inside. It's like a day off or an extended vacation...except I still have to do all the work that I normally do. Minus the gym.

Alright readers, I'm grateful that you are anxious for more bloggage! But presents? Really, guys? How is me blogging every day not the best gift of all? Okay, I'll give you something special...but only because without you all this page just becomes a sad little website journal that Russians stumble upon looking for Granny porn.

Here is today's goodie, one million Canadian dollars. That's like 2 billion real dollars!

Do you know how many grizzly bears that could buy? Or people you could pay to say "aboot" or "eh?"

Since every day with me is a gift in itself, I think we should celebrate. I'm going to be the Oprah of blog and give my audience members priceless giveaways.

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  1. Yay! I'm a Canadian now!
    I can't wait for tomorrow, hopefully it will be a new car! Or some white guy I can lean on during Obama's inauguration speech!



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