Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No-one holds a scalpel until I'm so happy I'm Mary Freaking Poppins.

So, new layout. You likey? Great! It's not today's present; though, it should be. Because if you really loved me then what makes me happy should make you happy. I've also decided to incorporate an explanation of the movie quote subject lines into the posts. I know it takes some of the magic and "huh?" out of it, but it also takes the "huh?" out of it.

Yesterday I got caught up on all of the shows online that I sort of like but aren't committed enough to to watch when they aire. Dear Blog, I don't think my brain can take that much Grey's Anatomy in one day. I suffered a dramatic narration overload. Not to mention, just thinking about that show makes my hormones skyrocket and I become a weepy emo-teen. Seriously. It's amazingly torturous and addictive.

I also indulge in online eps of Eli Stone and Samantha Who because nobody needs to go without an imaginary George Michael dance number in their day AND I'm attracted to Christina Applegates's hair like a moth to a very shiny, silky, and curly flame.

As promised, here is today's gifty gift of magical goodness...

Not only do you get the super-absorbent ShamWOW towel, but as a bonus I'm throwing in the mega creepy, Willem Defoe look alike on meth sales guy!

Today's subject line quote is from Dr. Miranda Bailey of Grey's Anatomy bitching about her interns.

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  1. Are you getting this, camera guy?

    There should be a box I can click to indicate my reaction: Awesome



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