Friday, December 12, 2008

Heyhey! The Postal Dude! I'll get you!

Talk about weird coincidences! Okay, I will.

Yesterday my former neighbor (not the crazy one that wanted to borrow Dom's uniform and always made me get the heeby geebies) read a note I posted on Facebook that mentioned this blog. She checks it out just in time for her to have a cameo. All about the timing? Or is she just internet stalking me? Just kidding, B. Welcome to the bloggity fun.

Now here's where I bitch about the UPS truck. I've been waiting for Dom's last gift to ship out via UPS for about a week and a half now. I really want it to get here before we leave on Tuesday so that it's not sitting on our front porch for the FEMA trailer neighbor's dog to come and pee on.

The website said that it was scheduled to arrive on Dec. 11. No big deal, that's plenty of time. So I hear the big truck coming down the road and I get that excited feeling that comes with waiting for something to arrive via mail or big truck. I'm peeking out the window to see how close it is, I put the dogs outside, and I wait by the door to watch it pull up right to my house....and pull right back away. No package! I look on the website today and it says "rescheduled delivery for Dec. 12."

They freakin forgot my package on the damn truck. WTF? Let's hope that's it and they didn't just break it and then buy some time to ducktape it back together.

Alright, Michael just stopped in the hallway to poop his pants so I'd better take care of that.

By the way, today's quote title comes from a movie called "Postal." Apparently there's a whole filmed dedicated to a "Postal Dude" serial killer. Here are some of the quotes I found:

"No, that's not him. Do you see how his hair shimmies? This guy looks just like Jesus."

"Postal Dude. Is that the best we could call him? Postal Dude! He's wanted for kidnapping, a shootout at the social welfare office, the assassination of Candidate Wells..."

"Only my weapon understands me."

Twenty bucks says it aired on Scifi.


  1. HA! I bet you're right about Postal Dude. Wow. Wait, wasn't that a Kevin Costner flick? Lol.

    Glad to hear your appointment went well. :)

  2. Except said friend then totally forgot about this blog (being too consumed with Facebook) until today :)



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