Thursday, December 11, 2008

Correcto. Ice and snow, no Eskimo. Even hallucinations have laws.

Yesterday's appointment at the Doctor's office went better than expected. Dr. G is extremely nice and thorough. I figured she was probably good at spending time with patients when I had been in the waiting room for 45 minutes...

That was the worst of it though. She wasn't judgmental or harsh at all, she's already way better than any other doctor's I've had (aside from the OB's because they're required to be uber nice otherwise you might go into early labor). Made it out feeling fairly good about the whole deal.

She's getting me a referral for her gynecologist for my lady parts checkup. Let's hope I get the right number this time. I don't want to call any more police officers about my privates. She also gave me a prescription for acne. So other than my bacteria-face, I feel pretty healthy.

I went to CVS to get my pills filled afterward and froze my touchie off. It was in the 70s earlier this week! Today? Snow! Seriously, look out my window. Okay, now get out of my house. It is snowing, here in Slidouche! I'm the furthest south of everyone I know right now (except maybe Caitlyn) and all of the schools are closed today due to the mass hysteria of "le neige." That's French, because I'm in the New Orleans area. It's probably wrong though. I just googled it. Four years of Spanish isn't gonna help me communicate with the Cajuns.

Anyway, I left my keys in the car at the pharmacy. Almost locked them in, but since I was dumb enough to leave them in the ignition my smartypants car wouldn't shut me out. That's great, since I had only budgeted for one lockout this month. Dom already blew our wad of fat cash on that last week. I have no room to complain. I used to lock myself out of the house on a daily basis when we lived on base. Security had to come and let me back in a lot. I finally hid a key in the shed so my neighbor wouldn't think I was such a moron every time I had to come over and use her phone.

For her birthday this year I wrote this on her Facebook wall, "Happy Birthday! You know, every time I lock myself out of my house I think of you."

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  1. Odd, I didn't even know you had a blog until today... I click on it and lo & behold, I'm a feature of the latest post :) You're being too hard on yourself - I only remember you coming over two, *maybe* three times, certainly not the chronic locker-outer you portray yourself as :)



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