Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They've gone to plaid!

About two weeks ago I was so sluggish and grumbley about the perpetual sink full of dishes that I was praying to Betty Crocker for guidance while looking for the switch that would put me back into homemaker mode.

I found it. It broke. I've been stuck at ludicrous speed for two days now.

Once I get past the morning grogginess by ingesting a few gallons of coffee and staring at a wall for a minute or two, it's GO, GO, GO! Yesterday I did all the laundry in the house, folded it, and put it away, (Or tried to at least. I'm not used to having everything clean at once, so I ran out of dresser space and hangers) and made a purse from scrap materials.

Today I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, scrubbed the counter tops, and windexed the appliances. What's next, color coding my closets and alphabetizing my shirt labels? Maybe I should start small by simply finishing my projects from back in 2000andgodknow'swhen.

Yeah, I owe people crafty projects all across the country. I have a partially knitted hat for Donna in Portland, Oregon that I started when it was still cold. There's a neglected Memphis Raqs sign in my garage in need of some quality artist-project-spraypaint time, too. Hell! Remember that purse I finished yesterday? It was something I had promised to make for a friend from Charleston before I graduated in 2007.

I have craft ADD. I get all invested in a project just long enough to see something "cooler" that I want to make and run after it like a hyperactive kid who just saw a quarter. Or whatever other shiny things their attracted to these days.

Today's subject line quote is Barf, "Spaceballs" (1987).


  1. oh boy...sounds like 'nesting...' LOL please tell me you're not pregnant again :/ at least not this soon...lol baby fever...oi...lol

    but if you are, can i live vicariously through you, too????

  2. Nope. No babies, or nests, or the like. I'm actually just freaking out a bit about hosting a "meet and greet" for some other mom's in July. Deciding to go ahead and board the crazy train early.

    But of course, if I get pregnant again before you...then vicarious away!

  3. I can't make these comments work right. Here's try number three. (Yes, I'm das above too).

    That quote is from the best movie ever made. And by that I of course mean the movie we watched only 32304923094823894572034 times as children.

    And when you're done in Slidouche, can you please come go crazy on my house? Kthanks.



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