Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks, Mr. Wolverine. I'm ready to play.

Whew! Made my daily blog cut-off with an hour to spare!

I just got back from the movies with my friend, Jules. She's funnier than me, you'd like her. Or you do like her since some of you have met her. Anyway, we had the theater to ourselves because nobody wants to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, including us. Night at the Museum 2 didn't have any showings until midnight.

I'm too old for that. Jules brought me a latte with 3 shots of espresso and I'm still gonna pass out before 12.

We kinda had a Mystery Science Theater 3000 dialogue going--which was fine because the whole movie's dialogue consisted of "NOOOOOOOOOOO!," arms flinging back, and grunts. But I did see a tremendous amount of beefy men and Hugh Jackman's bush, so it evened out.

I also saw a ripped midget at Wal-Mart afterward.

Today's subject line quote is Marmot, "Franklin" (1997) {Mr. Fix-it Franklin/Franklin Has the Hiccups (#4.2)}.

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