Thursday, February 5, 2009

If I had a hole in my neck, I'd put pennies in it!

A lot of my friends on facebook have been posting pictures from this website called It's a virtual hotspot full of those goofy cardboard cutouts that you stick your face through and take pictures while on vacation. Only, instead of making your hubby the pirate wench or wifey the muscle man (which is still an option there) you can make yourself into a celebrity.

Since Jennifer Aniston and I have a similar head shape, as it turns out, I opted to be her. Now I'm totally growing my hair out...and getting skinnier...and hoping I have boobs like that when I turn 40....

I do secretly wish to be so skinny that I could be mistaken for a life-sized bobblehead, but for now I'll just photoshop my face onto other people's anorexic bodies. Like hers.

But we all know you're in it for my awesome personality and undeniable good humor. So I give you this guy.

Look up. That's today's present, you ungrateful bastards. I made myself into what I'm assuming to be Richard Simmon's stunt double just to make you all laugh. Go stick your face in a hole.

Today's subject line quote is Chris Griffin, "Family Guy" (1999).

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  1. I like the second one. The first one is kind of creepy your face perched on top of a skeleton with boobies.



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