Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love riding in a car full of hamburgers and french fries. I had a dream I did it once and I woke up really happy.

One of the recent posts for a blog I follow was a simple listing of four things that make the creators happy. Blog only knows, I've been pretty down lately. So I thought perhaps I should rip off that idea and list a few things that cheer me up and see if it helps get me ditch my case of the gloomies.

When people do the right thing I could just burst, blowing big wads of happy all over the onlookers. It's true, and such a simple concept too. I mean, it doesn't even have to be a turn yourself in for murder kind of thing. Yesterday, there was a woman in the Winn-Dixie parking lot parked right next to the cart return. And she still went around my car to place her empty cart in the parking space next to me instead of going the same distance to put the cart where it belongs. If she would have put it away, I probably would have hugged her. It's just another gesture that proves that most people just don't care about doing things right any more.

Don't people like having that feeling of accomplishment at doing something worth being proud of? I mean, I thrive for that. And again, I'm a simple gal and don't have much going on in the accomplishment department. But when I hold strong and make my toddler actually take a nap? Oh, or manage to pick up all the toys and vacuum before they get thrown back on the floor? That's a good feeling.

But I also like to be bought. Getting gifts is easily in my top fav things. Flowers, cards, candy, even comments on this blog, anything! I'm definitely one of those people that needs somewhat tangible love. Tell me that you think I'm awesome and then bake me some cookies. You might get some of that explody happy junk on you because attention is easily an addiction for me. If they had rehab for it, well it wouldn't help unless it was solitary confinement mixed with counselors ignoring me. And who in their right mind would pay for that?

I also like that feeling when I turn on the radio to the exact song I've been obsessing to hear. Dom and I joke that everyone has a super power and that happens to be mine. I think when I finally decide to fight crime with it, I'll go by "Musicious." I could save the masses from the insanity of wanting to hear a particular song when they can't find it! Oh wait, Apple already did that by introducing the iPod.

Whatever, I still might be Musicious for Halloween...

Today's subject line quote is Ruthie, "7th Heaven" (1996) {It Happened One Night (#3.15)}.

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  1. I love when people do the right thing too. Like when I have a birthday card in my hand & walk up behind someone in the store who hasn't shopped in months & they let me go ahead of them. I could just cry. Its the little things people....I don't need celebrations in my honor just be nice to others.



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