Thursday, June 4, 2009

The good news is there is no more bad news.

I have good news, followed by bad news and lots of crying, followed by good news and much giddiness. I'm not even going to bother asking you what order you want it in; it's my blog and it makes more sense to do it the way I just set it up.

Oh, Happy Day

I finally booked my manicure and pedicure at the spa and it was fabulous. Dom's dad got me a gift card for a 2 hour hand and foot extravaganza for Mother's Day. It was stereotypically the most relaxing place I've ever seen.

They have a "quiet room" to wait in where they bring you hot tea and you can read magazines and listen to fountains dribble while they get set up. The fountain thing just made me have to pee, but bodily fluids aside, it was relatively calming. Then I got my feet rubbed while sitting in a massaging chair, my hands dipped in paraffin wax, and my nails painted a pretty purple shade that I managed to screw up on the way to the car (even AFTER I waited the 15 minutes for everything to dry). My hand and feet are still feel soft. I love being a girl!

Afterward I called Dom and let him know how it went. He asked, "So you're nice and relaxed now? Not stressed or in a bad mood?" I answered "No," followed by "Why? Do you have bad news?"

Yes, Bad News

Because some Chief is a dumbass and can't get qualified to go on his own deployment, Dom will be leaving on Monday in his place. He'll be gone for a month. There will probably be much bloggage in his absence. So I suppose it's good news for you guys!

Happy Ending?

Since my husband is adequate at his job and has to take the place of Chief Diddly Hoo Ha, he will be gone for our 5th wedding anniversary on June 12th. Dom took me out for an impromptu dinner and romp around the mall (get your mind out of the gutters, people) last night.

That's when I got this.

I have such a great hubby! Now I'm going to miss him extra because he was all gushy and sentimental. Here, let me ruin it with this video.

Today's subject line quotes is Herr Flick, "Allo Allo!" (1982).


  1. Same thing happened to us - some Ensign diddly hoo-ha couldn't manage to get qualified (in an ENTIRE F'IN YEAR) and so Aaron had to go out for 6 months to the bad corner of the world. At least he can't get deployed while at Grad school.

  2. :( I'm sorry hon. At least you got some pretty bling! I'm still waiting on'll be probably the second person to know after my mother when it happens.

    Hopefully you'll be able to talk to each other a little bit while he's gone.



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