Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deformity's sexy. I picture Drew Barrymore with, like, an eye patch, a club foot, maybe a lisp.

I'm too [insert adjective that makes you less upset with me for not blogging here] to write my own life's story of late, so I'm just stealing Liz's (my sister-in-law) latest blog update. But she's a popular bloggess, so it's all good. This requires participation, so cooperate or you won't get any new posts at all!

Who would play me in a lifetime movie? Liz suggested Drew Barrymore for this reason:

Bubbly, adorable-faced blonde with porcelain skin and rosy cheeks. She can clearly handle the quirkiness of the Cassidy out on the town with the gals, having a few margaritas - we've all seen her not handle alcohol well in Wedding Singer. She can also handle the darker, depressing Cassidy turmoil - she just has to dredge up her own past, right? We've seen her do dark and philosophical in Donnie Darko. And an artsy poet in Music and Lyrics. And when it comes to the spiritual side of Cass? I'm thinking a bit of "Firestarter" LOL! I'm trying to figure out where to throw in the Charlie's Angels reference...but I've never witnessed you kickin ass.

Do you agree? Why or why not. If you reply, I will then cast someone to play you.

Now, let's hear who you guys think would play you? Wait, why don't you post your name, and I'll give you MY best offer, then you can tell me whether you had a better idea. : )

Today's subject line quote is Peter Dragon, "Action" (1999) {Re-Enter the Dragon (#1.2)}.


  1. Eddie and Meredith(yes i count for both, cause I read the whole post to meredith out loud)

  2. Sorry that last bit was what Liz posted. you're supposed to cast ME first...then I'll give you yours.

  3. Stinking blog comments. I had a long and cute comment and the computer ate it. Pain in my hiney.

    Here's the short version:

    1. we're still waiting for last week's promised great and amazing blog.

    2. I think Drew is a great choice. My second choice might be Elizabeth Banks.

  4. Rosie,

    1. Not going to happen. My ac/broke for a day...the same day that Michael and I were attacked by fire ants (again). So whatever it was going to be about got lost with whatever sanity I had left that day.

    2. Thanks! I think Elizabeth Banks is rather pretty.

    3. Despite my best efforts to come up with an actress with hair curly enough to be you, I settled for someone that I thought would resemble you and your personality if your locks were straight. I choose Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Her bubbly exuberance and bright smile make me think she could portray your caring individuality and vivid spirit.

  5. I honestly think you should play you. But if it can't be you than Drew Barrymore is a good choice. But I must be original...Maggie Gyllenhaal. Nothing to do with looks, but I've seen her in a wide variety of roles, many of which she plays a deceptively deep character. On the surface, her character seems ordinary or even in need of saving...but she can take care of herself and is very deep emotionally.

    Ok, now do me! And you CAN NOT use the guy from American Pie (Jason Biggs) or the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun/10 Things I Hate About You (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

  6. lol, we've come to the conclusion that drew is actually the best choice for you.

  7. I think Drew is the right choice, if we had to pick an actress rather than have you portray yourself, because she's very artistic like you, and incredibly smart, like you.

  8. Tiffani-Amber is about my age too, considering she and I were in high school together - okay so she was on a TV high school and I was in real life high school.

    Also, I've been told I resemble Agnes Depesto from "Moonlighting" (before your time) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

    I like the idea of Maggie Gyllenhaal for you too. I picked Elizabeth Banks because she's beautiful, crazy, funny as crap, and doesn't mind being in a movie where she makes fun of herself/her nerdiness, etc. Plus she's perrty:)

  9. To everyone: please not that I do not take ages into consideration. If the actor I pick for you is older than you, do not take it personally and just picture them in their younger years.


    I believe you would be ideally played by David Duchovny. He has a quiet demeanor with a subtle humor that I greatly appreciate in his characters. Plus he's got a "cool nerdiness" to him that makes me think he probably plays computer games in his free time.


    Your compassion and adorableness would probably be best portrayed by Jennifer Garner. You're very caring, incredibly smart, and treat rules/regulations with respect on an obsessive-compulsive level. Jennifer Garner got a sweet and innocent appeal to her, and she always seems genuinely happy. Much like you.

  10. Dom,

    Okay, so ideally you don't look exactly alike (and I put a lot of that on the age difference) but my choice for you is simply ingenious. His awesomeness as an actor will simply capture your awesomeness as a husband, father, and human being. Ready?

    Alan Cumming.

    And there is a resemblance. You know you love it.

  11. Jenn,

    I'm quite proud of this one as well because I do feel there is a resemblance in both looks and spirit. You would be played by the very lovely and talented Christina Ricci. She's spunky, we've seen her be both light and dark, and rest somewhere in between.

  12. from meredith:

    EWWWW, NO!
    He is like pee wee herman, only creepier.
    That would only be dom, if he goes ten times more emo and goth. I will admit to the resemblance but only to an evil half brother way.


    however, I can't say anything to his acting or actual demeanor as I just haven't seen much of him.
    (end meredith)
    Also, we thought melissa joan hart would be pretty good for you too.

  13. Stupid blog ate my post.

    Short story:
    You - Anne Hathaway

    Me and Eddie:
    Good choices

  14. Meredith and Eddie,

    Glad you liked my choices for you! Dom was really pleased with my pick for him too. We both really like Alan Cumming. We get excited when we see him in anything!

    I could see Anne Hathaway or Melissa Joan Hart. Guess that's why they have casting calls, huh?

    P.S. ctrl, c your entry before you try and post it so it doesn't "eat" it next time. Then you have a backup!



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