Friday, November 14, 2008

You have it, nun girl! This is no time to be gambling around a casino!

Whoo! Big props to Kelly for babysitting tonight because now I get to go to the casinos!! Granted, I'm going from like 2-7 or something like that...but at least I'm going. That's the important thing. That and fat stacks of cash.

Oh, me! I'm so funny! Why? Because I don't actually play the real casino games because I'm a scaredy cat retardicon. The closest I've come to one was standing over Dom's should while everyone at the table told him what he should be doing during blackjack. The best I can do is win a few extra bucks at a time on the Monopoly slot machines. Now, If I can keep track of my winnings better this time I might have a chance. Usually, I break even. And by usually, I mean the two times I've gambled.

Really though, I'm in it for the buffet. Where else can you get every type of ethnic food on one plate? Last time I checked there wasn't a Harry's Thai House of Pancakes, Italian Bakery, and Burrito Palace. I didn't actually check, but believe me, if there was one I'd know about it. I would buy it. I would be 400 lbs.

Yup, there goes all my weight loss. Good thing I'm going out with the girls again on Saturday. Perhaps I can drink myself into a thinning hangover?

Well, readers, you should all place bets on how much money I lose (I mean "give charitably to the good folks running the gambling industry"). The closest one might win a blog in their honor. Might...I'm pretty lazy and bad at keeping promises that I don't really want to keep.

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