Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That ho could suck the sheet off a ghost.

Michael and I have been quarantined since returning from our California trip. Not because we have the piggy flu, just mostly that we're both too cranky to be seen by people and our snotty attitude is as contagious as our faces. We just have sinus infections. Michael is a bajillion times better since getting his antibiotic; I'm a weenie who hates going to the doctor so I'm feeling slightly worse today.

Yesterday, however, was a miraculously productive day. Even in spite of my horrific nasal passages and their resident city of bacteria. Just in the last 12 hours it's gone from Mayberry in there to Metropolis. They may have even been setting off fireworks last night to celebrate the latest expansion and that's why I couldn't stop sneezing.

But back to me not being a completely worthless lump of snot-filled Cassidy. Yesterday I finished Michael's Halloween costume, sewed a piece for mine, cleaned the front of the house, folded 2 towels, gave Michael a bath, and worked on the hat I promised I'd knit for Donna (that I've been slowly working on for nearly a year). Pretty good for someone who thinks she might die today.

Seriously. And if you don't come to my funeral, I'm going to haunt you and blow ethereal boogers all over your pillow. Know what happens when you catch a ghost cold? You have it forever because ghost bacteria and viruses don't die. But when you go to the doctor, she won't see it because it's a freaking ghost! You'll be institutionalized until you die from the madness and continue haunting the people who didn't believe you or go to YOUR funeral until the entire population is nothing but sniffly spooks.

Don't be the sole cause of the world's obliteration. Make me soup or something.

Today's subject line quote is John Aboud, "Best Week Ever." (2004).

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  1. Yucky phlem. Is there supposed to be a g in
    there somewhere? Anyway, yeah, our family
    *always* get sick together when we travel. Our
    spectacular family illness came about 2 weeks
    after we arrived in Japan.



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