Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So, it's like a secret society?

No word from Dominic since his flight landed on Monday. I'm assuming they're not letting anybody on the boat contact family so they can be all secrety and hunt bad guy submarines. Or something boss like that? Because if it's something lame, like Dom forgetting to email me, it's a bit more uncool.

Speaking of which, I went to my Zumba class tonight. Evenings at the MegaGym are ridiculously packed. First off, I had to wait in line to even turn into the parking lot because there were cars waiting in line for someone to leave their spot! There was a line to wait in line...

So the class was super pakced and the only spot for me was, naturally, by the window. Let's forget that I had an exhausting day with le bebe, battled ants for claim to my bathroom, or the fact that my dinner was a PB & J. If you take all of that away and put me by the window on my BEST day in Zumba, I still look like a freaktard. Now I've got everyone walking in from the main entrance stopping to stare at me like I'm a fish in the aquarium. Children even tap on the glass.

But at least I wasn't the girl in pink up front. She likes to boogie, and I don't think she cares who knows it. Unfortunately, she looked a lot like Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions when she was dancing around, singing "secret society, secret society."

Today's subject line quote is Cecile Caldwell, "Cruel Intentions" (1999).


  1. I don't know, meredith has been emailing me fine, but It could be that his ship sucks at the email access.

  2. I just found your blog! I went to my first Zumba class today which thank goodness is in a dimly lit room. Makes me feel a bit less freakish, although I did end up by the window in the back. I just kept telling myself it is a lot more fun than walking nowhere on the elliptical for an hour!

  3. Hey Ashley, how are you? And yes, Zumba beats the hell out of running in place!



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