Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're going to be Rock Stars. But first... we must burgle.

Due to our current inability to sell or rent out our house, we may have no dollars soon. Naturally, Dom and I decide to splurge on an early Christmas present to ourselves because that makes sense.

Seriously, we're bad with money. I once bought 6 years worth of magazine subscriptions over the phone to enter a contest that required no sales obligation. Now I have Redbook, Elle, and Interview until 2010. I'm a total sucker and usually fall for sales pitches unless I hang up on the poor guy before he finishes his first sentence. That's why I spent a 3 hour evening with a vacuum salesman--he offered me a 6 pack of free paper towels.

What did we buy, you ask? Oh, just Guitar Hero--Legends of Rock. Oh yeah, I'm totally badass. I mean actually bad and ass all at the same time because I suh-huck. Easy? Easy is not easy. Easy is just hard light.

I have to concentrate so hard that I barely move and my face does this one-eyed-squinty look while I bob my head to the beat. Pathetic. Meanwhile, Dom's freaking shredding the crap out of some metal song--and I'm struggling to strum and hit at least one note at the same time for "Barracuda." At one point yesterday he stood up on the couch and now he's moved on to making laps around the living room. I bet next he's going to beat a hard song strumming via telepathic powers.

I'm a Guitar Lame-O. I'm the victim who the Guitar Hero has to save from the burning building set aflame by my inadequacy. Here's a video:


  1. I am flattered. I know I'm awesome, but I don't think I'll have the ability to telepathically shred for at least a few more months.

  2. Woot, good to see you on blogger, it's a LOT easier to access(myspace is a horrible horrible place imo)

  3. :(

    it's good to see you finally :D I love that Michael wanted to help you out. Maybe they sell infant sized guitars ... he could learn. Before you know it, he'll be memorizing AC/DC songs and kicking your bootay.



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